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About Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon is a week-long celebration of the unique and innovative games being developed by studios from across the Greater China region. This event is made possible by some of the most influential publishers and developers from the region, and with support from Steam, a host of industry media, and many awesome streamers from around the world.

Dozens of released and upcoming titles will be showcased at the event, with never-before-seen trailers, exciting demos, and content updates. Also, for those hoping to pick up some of the games on show, there will be a range of bundles and discounts for the duration of the event! Come check out the official Steam page for more information.

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Get Involved




I'm none of the above, can I still get involved?

Thanks for your interest! The press kit is available here, and we'd also love to see you in our Discord channel for media.

Of course! Please subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates, and head on over to our Discord channel.

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We'd love to have you! Simply submit your details below and we'll be in touch ASAP, and join our Discord channel for streamers.

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Q: When will the event take place?

A: Enter the Dragon starts on April 22 and ends on April 29. Check out the Schedule

section above for more details.


Q: What form will the event take?

A: Kicking off on Steam and featuring Twitch streamers from all around the world, Enter the Dragon will be a mix of game reveals, demos, sales, and showcases.


Q: Where can I watch it?

A: We'll have a spot on the Steam storefront as well as a dedicated Steam event page where you can watch featured streams or switch to a preferred game. Our official page will also host the latest news, livestreams, and schedules.


Q: How did this event come about?

A: As China-based publishers ourselves, we fully understand the passion and effort that goes into creating games in this part of the world. However, global restrictions on travel over the last two years have made it more challenging than usual to attend trade events and show off the fruits of our labors. Enter the Dragon is our way of uniting the industry for a common cause - a love of cool video games!

Q: Will there be more events like this?

A: We certainly hope so! Please join our Discord channel and stay tuned!


If your team is based within Greater China, and you can provide at least one English language trailer/demo/game to the event, then welcome aboard! Please submit your application here.


Game Showcase:

broadcasting on Steam with watch party on Twitch

Broadcast Marathon:
publisher and developer streaming on Steam

Demo and gameplay by Twitch streamers

Demos, discounts, and bundles available on Steam

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